The aesthetic values of Japan have been born from a way of life surrounded by the sea and a beautiful natural environment.
This spirit of beauty, characterized by subtlety and elegance, has garnered attention around the world and is embodied in every piece of TASAKI jewelry.
TASAKI is Japan’s only Maison with its own pearl farm and that is recognized for its advanced diamond polishing technologies.
The superior radiance born from our commitment to making everything in-house and a culture that embraces the beauty of nature, becomes one with the wearer, creating a unique, radiant beauty.
TASAKI is Japan’s premier jeweler in a country with an unrivaled tradition in aesthetic beauty.

TASAKI Brand Story

TASAKI Brand Story
Spearheaded by it creative director based in New York, Thakoon Panichgul, innovative designs form the basis of TASAKI’s collection lines.

TASAKI’s Design

In autumn 2009, TASAKI invited the designer Thakoon Panichgul whose designs are worn by celebrities, to join the team as its creative director and continue to pursue the beauty of jewelry as Japan’s premier Maison.

TASAKI Brand Story
Thakoon Panichgul

Creative Director
Thakoon Panichgul

It is an exciting experience working as TASAKI’s creative director, not only because I’m working with jewelry design, but because I’m also working together with a company in Japan that is so far away.
I love the beauty and tradition of pearls. By looking at pearls with a more modern approach, it can be transformed into jewelry that is both magical and bursting with youth. You can cut pearls or you can combine them with other materials. I am always looking at how I can bring together and use two separate things.
It is the same with diamonds and gemstones. I am always looking to create designs that are out of the usual, like using diamonds inverted to assume a pavilion-like form. I look for the beauty in conflicting elements, like jewelry that looks stunning at first glance, but in fact hides a sinister element. I like to experiment with new ways of using pearls and diamonds and to surprise people. To me, looking at materials in different ways changes the perceptions people have of jewelry, and I want to draw out the best qualities of each of the materials I use.
It is my aim to work together with TASAKI to convey the pleasure of wearing jewelry, not only on special occasions, but every day.

TASAKI’s Quality

The quality of TASAKI jewelry is in the precious stones
See below for information about TASAKI’s premium quality diamonds, pearls and gemstones.

TASAKI's Quality