The creative stepped bezel is the distinctive feature of the “Odessa”. This series takes it name from the Steps in Odessa, famous for the optical illusion of appearing long when being looked up at, and short and wide when looked down on from above. All Odessa models incorporate the stepped bezel, which depicts the three TASAKI pillars of “Quality”, “Creativity” and “Craftsmanship”.


“Odessa Skeleton” is the first skeleton model from TASAKI TIMEPIECES that take their inspiration from the universe.
The full-skeleton view of the movement gives a sense of the spectacular scale of the universe, while the “perlage” pearl pattern on the bridge swirls like the milky way, portraying the flicker of innumerable stars. And the SAKURAGOLD™ plate provides a beautiful contrast of material and colour, evoking the alluring hue of the cosmos.
The production of a skeleton watch required the development of a unique new design starting from the shape of the bridge, to create the perfect harmony of functionality and aesthetic beauty. From the simple pattern on the index plate, without even any numbers, to the delicate hand-crafted “perlage”. The beauty of a skeleton structure, with its flowing sense of vigour. Using TASAKI original SAKURAGOLD™ with its soft hues of pink on white, this is the ultimate ‘Made in Japan’ piece from TASAKI, exuding the essence of this exclusive jeweller.


“Odessa Tourbillon” is the premium model within the “TASAKI TIMEPIECES” range. It is a timepiece that expresses harmony with a universe woven by time, where creativity and innovation go hand in hand. This is a feat that only TASAKI, famous for using the two elements of pearls and diamonds in its high-end jewellery, can achieve.

White gold, inlaid with Akoya pearl moon phase. The dial, made from black mother of pearl, large and small diamonds, depicts stars and planets in the Milky Way. The bridge supporting the carriage in the open heart resembles the orbit of a satellite, and the hand, a rocket. The refined rebellion cut diamonds, a cut unique to TASAKI, are used in the crown. The case displays a true sense of Japanese beauty and colour, incorporating another TASAKI original gold, SAKURAGOLD™, a gold with a slightly deeper red hue than conventional pink gold, inspired by Japan’s famous cherry blossoms.


Odessa (WOMEN’S)

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