refined rebellion

“refined rebellion” is a jewellery series created by Thakoon Panichgul. It is a fusion between two traditionally opposing elements, “refined” and “unorthodox”. This hallmark TASAKI design is also being used in “TASAKI TIMEPIECES”.
A refined rebellion cut diamond, unique to TASAKI, is used in the crown, while mother of pearl is used in the centre of the dial. The dial of one model also features diamonds of three different sizes culet up, while in the other, sapphires of varying sizes and colours are set culet up to create a wonderful gradation. The modern beauty of this timepiece conveys a true sense of TASAKI innovation.

refined rebellion cut: This is an original TASAKI diamond cut, where the conventional diamond form is set culet up, emphasizing the shape of the culet itself, to create a sharp, elegant design. Along with setting the diamond culet up, the top edge of the culet is cut so as to further enhance the radiant brilliance of the diamond.

refined rebellion (WOMEN’S)

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