The corporate philosophy of the TASAKI Group is to establish and maintain the brand that is TASAKI – A brand founded on trust and respect built up over years of commitment and dedication to provide total customer satisfaction through superior quality and superior customer service in the sale of TASAKI jewelry.

Following are guiding principles to keep the TASAKI Group on course

1. Contributing to society

We are committed to providing jewelry that is in tune with the environment and the needs of society and to contributing towards lifestyle and cultural enhancement by offering spiritual wealth and richness.

2. Enhancing customer satisfaction

Our focus is on quality to establish TASAKI as a group that you can trust for the long haul.

3. Rewarding our shareholders and reassuring our creditors

We are committed to expanding our corporate value by maintaining sustainable growth through efficient management to provide appropriate dividends and returns on the investments of our shareholders and reassure our creditors.

4. Respect for employees

It is our aim to nurture a free and vibrant working environment that will allow each and every employee to showcase their individual characters and abilities and proactively challenge new boundaries.

5. Responsible management

We will work hard to comply with the relevant laws and regulations, our articles of incorporation and internal regulations and through appropriate corporate governance and disclosure, will eradicate impropriety and concealment in order to establish a corporate management framework that is fair and transparent and can be trusted and respected by society.

Revised June 05, 2008