Bone china was born in England during the 18th Century and adorns tables all around the world as the ultimate in tableware.
How this sophisticated and elegant, seemingly transparent, opaque white ceramic was made was kept a guarded secret for many years, and at the time, was prized by the royal family and aristocracy.
Not only is bone china aesthetically beautiful, it is also stronger than general ceramic and less likely to break during use.


The riveted collection was inspired by the structural beauty of industrial design.
The collection features pieces fixed with pearl screws and gold edging for a special and unique dining experience with a noble and rich feel.


FACE OF TASAKI features an icon based on the TASAKI facade.
The pattern created by subtle contrasts of shade and light gives rise to a supple rhythm projecting a feel of elegance onto the dining table.


The stunning beauty of TASAKI reborn in the form of tableware in a creative fusion of high-quality Bone China and fine jewelry.
Enjoy a new world of TASAKI elegance.

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