The three elements that form the basis of TASAKI, Quality, Creativity, Craftsmanship are also alive in TASAKI por RELIQUIAE.

  • Quality
    The production of TASAKI por RELIQUIAE leather goods, from procurement of materials, leather tanning, manufacture of metal parts, up to leather sewing, is almost entirely carried out in Spain. Even among the developed European leather industry, Spanish leather features fine-grained texture and distinctive softness.
    Just like TASAKI jewellery that achieves the highest levels of quality by handling everything from materials processing and product production to sales, the leather goods collection features “TASAKI Quality” produced by Spanish tradition, pride in best quality and skilled craftsmanship.
  • Creativity
    The unique designs by Héctor are inspired by the contemporary art and architecture of Spain and contain architectural elements, while being simple, modern and contemporary. We have made innovative “TASAKI Creativity” a reality by fusing an urban sense with traditional craftsmanship.
    A bold representation of the form of an arch with a soft roundness, reminiscent of the curved lines of pearls, one of the elements of TASAKI. Another feature is a charm that represents the iconic jewellery series of TASAKI.
  • Craftsmanship
    Fulfilling traditional advanced tanning skill, soft leather with a distinctive taste.
    Charm made by bronze refining and casting techniques unchanged for more than 200 years.
    Each carefully finished product is produced with the most advanced sewing skill, developed by the world’s leading luxury brands.
    All production processes of TASAKI por RELIQUIAE leather goods have been created by craftsman boasting years of experience and outstanding skill.