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CEO Message

CEO Message

Our ultimate aim at TASAKI is to deliver superior quality and unrivaled creativity.
Our unflagging effort to remain true to and build on these values is a powerful driving force behind TASAKI.

In order to achieve superior quality in the materials we use, we operate two large pearl farms in Japan and overseas to produce our Akoya pearls and South Sea pearls. Over the years, we have cultivated extensive experience in the area of processing and polishing technologies for the pearls and diamonds we acquire from this blessed environment. Our materials are supplied by professionals, who know everything there is to know about the materials they deal in, to the workshops of experienced craftsmen with the skills needed to transform them into something truly special.

The design department, is continually searching for new and innovative designs. In the tradition of collections that have come to define TASAKI, including our Balance and Refined Rebellion series, I believe our hard work is evident in the new designs we are bringing out, which have taken a drastic step forward from conventional jewelry design.

However, it is no easy feat to bring to life the creations of our designers and create new designs that truly challenge the boundaries. The properties of the natural materials we work with, comfort when incorporated into a piece of jewelry, durability and more than anything, the craftsmanship required to create something that is truly beautiful when worn demands boundless knowledge and experience. The creativity inspired by TASAKI is born purely from our craftsmen armed with the skill and knowledge to satisfy these conditions.

TASAKI remains committed to delivering a range of unrivaled products to customers that share our creativity and understand true quality.

Board Director and CEO

Toshikazu Tajima

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