The RITZ PARIS, nested at the heart of the historic Place Vendôme, is one of the world’s premier hotels. A Maison that embodies French elegance, refinement and luxury. TASAKI, the leading Japanese premium jeweller, forging ahead with the two key elements of pearls and diamonds, known for its dedication to the highest quality and modern, sophisticated designs. When the two legends meet, ‘RITZ PARIS par TASAKI’, the exclusive high jewellery collection which is dedicated to RITZ PARIS by TASAKI under their partnership.

The RITZ PARIS captures the hearts of worldwide celebrities, including royalty, head of state and artists ever since established.
F. Scott Fitzgerald, author, expresses the image of RITZ PARIS in his novella as ‘A Diamond as Big as the Ritz’ to symbolize luxury. During the unprecedented renovation of RITZ PARIS, TASAKI, world-famous contemporary high jeweller that combines both tradition and innovation, is selected as best partner of RITZ PARIS, to create refined, elegant, and modern jewellery.

Fine quality and the pioneering spirit that allowed these brands to breathe innovation into their respective industries ever since they were established are the lifeblood of RITZ PARIS and TASAKI. These essences are expressed in ‘RITZ PARIS par TASAKI’ collection.
TASAKI will continuously create the beautiful and unique style jewelleries designed with innovative elegance, in line with TASAKI’s vision. This will create the new legend.

Third Collection : Jardin Enchanté

This season’s theme is ‘Jardin Enchanté’ – Enchanting Garden.
The collection was inspired by budding flowers filled with fresh vitality, just about to burst into gorgeous blossoms in the gardens of RITZ PARIS.

Once you step into this garden, you cannot but feel the pleasant stimulation of life coming from all directions.
Standing amidst numerous plants glistening like gem with morning dew, cheerful sparkling of the fountain, birds singing with their feathers gently swaying in the wind, and flower buds just about to go into full bloom, you will be enchanted by the beautiful garden that shows different expressions as seasons go by.

Sunshine filtering through the leaves, flower buds waiting to bloom, the scent of plants and soil moist with rain.
There is not one moment that is the same as another. Every moment is so precious and eternal.
The collection captures such invaluable moments of natural beauty in jewellery design. The collection is comprised of several series: one features Black Opal likened to a rose bud, glowing in iridescent colours and fringed with bright colour stones resembling the sepal and stem; the other series, using abundant pearls and diamonds, depict elegant shapes of plants. Each piece is a lively and elaborate work of art, testimony of the highest craftsmanship.


Perles de lumière

Lueur du jour

Jardin de rose

Second Collection : Dentelle

The theme of the second collection is ‘Dentelle’ which means lace in French.
And those lace and embroideries are closely related to Ritz Paris and traditional embroidery was also applied to the archives of the Ritz Paris.
And those articles are valuable items such as linens and fabrics that are not priced are left behind.
Sensual, luxurious, and ultra-feminine: with this collection, lace becomes the preferred material for the jewelry-making experimentation in which TASAKI excels.
The Japanese jeweller renders marvelously its suppleness and weave, the way in which delicate threads intertwine. Inside the jewellery atelier in Japan, craftsmen transpose openwork fabric into precious materials with natural grace.
Naturally hard materials such as gold and rare stones / diamonds become as supple and exquisite as a couture gown.
Three ‘Dentelle’ necklaces were the starting point for pieces including earrings, bracelets and rings of mysterious, spider web-like delicacy and beauty.
Highly sensitive to variations in light, these pieces reveal subtle relief and transparency with the wearer’s every move.
Through its craftsmanship and refinement, the ‘Dentelle’ illustrates anew the values upheld by two historic names.
A vibrant tribute to the jeweler’s art, and a manifesto for know-how, creativity and a distinctive vision of elegance.

Dentelle Diamonds

Dentelle Pearls

Dentelle Padparadscha

First Collection : A Legend

‘RITZ PARIS par TASAKI’ is born from a partnership between TASAKI, the luxury jeweller, and RITZ PARIS, two Maisons known throughout the world for their extraordinary savoir-faire.

This first collection, reflecting ‘A Legend’ theme, takes its inspiration from a fantasy that TASAKI has dedicated to the legendary RITZ PARIS. The story starts with the restoration of the RITZ PARIS during which a secret attic room, never before seen by human eyes, is discovered. In that room is a world filled with extremely luxurious and elegant treasures. With its gala parties, suites and gardens, the RITZ PARIS has beautifully created an environment of happiness for people around the world. The treasures left in this room call to mind miraculous moments born in the RITZ PARIS.

‘A Legend’, the first collection theme, features several series with names that symbolize the beauty and happiness of the legendary world, such as ‘Ritz Paris’, ‘1898’, ‘Élégance’, ‘The Quintessence of Ritz Paris’, ‘15, Place Vendôme’, and ‘Nacre’. TASAKI uses the highest quality jewels, including pearls and diamonds, to represent refined luxury in exquisite pieces of jewellery. The collection is full of a joyous sparkle that is perfect for the beginning of a new legend.

Ritz Paris


The Quintessence of Ritz Paris

15, Place Vendôme

The Serendipity

Jardin Secret

Rêve Ritz 


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