A fleeting moment of twilight before the darkness of the night covers the earth. ‘Nightfall’ is inspired by the sky on the brink of darkness, dyed in warm rainbow hued colours. Pearls of different sizes, shapes and colours are placed next to captivating deep coloured precious stones, embodying this mysterious moment in jewellery form.

Nightfall Earrings


Yellow Gold / Akoya Pearls / South Sea Pearls (white) / Freshwater Pearls / Sapphires (pink, yellow, purple) / Amethyst / Citrine

Pricing available on request


Picture that last golden light just before night falls. The ‘Nightfall’ captures the beauty of the sky as the last colours fade. These earrings feature Akoya and white South Sea pearls in different sizes, shapes and colours - oval and round, pink and white. Coloured stones in rich hues complement this mix of freshwater pearls providing a vibrant look.

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