TASAKI by MHT Flamboyant Pearls



TASAKI by MHT marks a collaboration between French jewelry designer, Marie-Hélène de Taillac and TASAKI.

Titled “My Pearl”, the collection has something to offer every woman, whether it be their first piece of real pearl jewelry, a casual fashion pearl or a memorial pearl carrying a message in the form of a motif.

The inspiration behind her clasp design is based on self feeling.
The designs focus on contours that look beautiful from any angle and represent timeless quality, a continued pursuit of both TASAKI and Marie-Hélène.
Her designs are characterized by ageless designs and a 22 carat brushed gold finish with a strong antique flavor.



Marie-Hélène de Taillac

Born in Libya and schooled in Paris, Ms. Marie-Hélène de Taillac hails from a distinguished aristocratic family;
she is descended from the house of Porthos, which is known far and wide by virtue of the eponymous character in the Alexander Dumas novel “The Three Musketeers”. At age 18, she moved to London, where she lived for the next ten years and acquired experience in the fashion business.
In 1995, when she traveled to various Asian countries and first visited India, she made the acquaintance of the Kasliwal brothers in the city of Jaipur. The brothers come from a long line of jewelry merchants who served as purveyors to generations of maharajas, and run a famed workshop in the heart of the city. Thoroughly taken with their seasoned craftsmanship and the loveliness of the gems, she decided to start down the road to becoming a jewelry designer herself.

In 1996, Ms. De Taillac unveiled her first collection created with 22-carat gold and semi-precious stones.
It swiftly won the highest accolades from fashion people and journalists around the world for its combination of the natural beauty of the stones she selected, the brilliant glitter of the gold, and the perfect harmony with the skin when actually worn.
Ms. De Taillac currently divides her time between her residence in Paris and her studio in Jaipur, and is engaged in continuous creative activities.


“Tasaki has been reborn. I empathized with its contemporary vision of pearls and its proposal of modes of wearing them that differ from the conventional ones. It was a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity for this collaboration with the Tasaki staff, who share the same innovative inclination. I approached the project with the heady idea that pearls, like colored gemstones, could be worn as fashion articles. “Pearls are miracles wrought by nature. Their irresistible attraction lies in the timelessness of their hue and the assortment of diverse shades. The delicate gloss distinctive to pearls resonates with the feminine skin. Their power is so obvious that it would not be going too far to term them the most excellent cosmetic, for they make a woman shine the moment she dons them. In designing the clasps, I made sure that the form would match the pearls and be attractive to the eye when viewed from any angle. I want all of the pieces I design to age gracefully with their owners and be loved even more with the passage of time, forever. This is the timeless quality I try to instill. I hope more and more women will discover a My Pearl necklace that is perfect for them, to enjoy as daily wear.”


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