Jardin de rose

When Two Legends Meet


Jardin de rose

This design was inspired by the beauty of roses, one of the prime highlights of the RITZ PARIS garden.
The inspiration comes from the whole process of how a rose bud gradually opens up to reveal its gorgeous beauty and fragrance.
Featuring a rose bud-shaped black opal which changes its color by the angle at which the stone is viewed, the beauty of the design is enhanced by the color stones aligned in a lively curve depicting the stem of the rose.

zoom Necklace


PI-16826-PT900 / Platinum / Diamonds Total 2.49ct / Black Opal / Emeralds / Alexandrite / Demantoid Garnet

zoom Bracelet


BI-4417-PT900 / Platinum / Diamonds Total 1.23ct / Black Opal / Emeralds / Alexandrite / Demantoid Garnet