New Jewellery added to ‘M/G TASAKI’

New Jewellery added to ‘M/G TASAKI’

TASAKI launches three new series of ‘M/G TASAKI’ on Wednesday, April 5, 2023.

‘M/G TASAKI’ is a modern and innovative jewellery collection created by head designer, Melanie Georgacopoulos, whose designs are based on her artistic sensibility. ‘BAROQUE DROPS’ and ‘REFLECTED’ are new collections added, and ‘ARLEQUIN SLASHED’ is a new variation of a highly popular and iconic design.


BAROQUE DROPS expresses the lustre on the water’s surface and the tiny drops which splash down it. The Baroque South Sea Pearls used in this collection, all of which are unique in shape and form, represent a soft wave that shimmers and sways along the surface of the water. Each yellow gold drop, which is manually adjusted by TASAKI craftsmen to fit the shape of the pearl, delicately adds a sparkle to each of the pieces.


In ‘REFLECTED’, four freshwater pearls are arranged to create a graduation and are nestled against yellow-gold spheres so that they appear to respond and reflect each other. The contemporary and dynamic design radiates a sculptural beauty unique to M/G TASAKI, and the smooth pearls and lustrous yellow gold complement each other while maintaining a harmonious balance. 


While maintaining the series’ modern look, M/G TASAKI’s popular ‘ARLEQUIN’ series launches a unique design where the pearls appear to rhythmically rotate. Throughout the collection, the slash motif expresses the concept of ‘discovering elements which contradict each other as well as relinquishing tradition and common sense.’ Inspired by this form, half of the pearl is covered in yellow gold and alternately arranged to enhance the beauty of the line, creating a stylish and elegant finish.

Enjoy the world of modern and artistic jewellery that is filled with the highest quality, creativity, and commitment to craftsmanship that only TASAKI can offer.

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