“TASAKI TIMEPIECES” is a full-fledged watch collection created by Japan’s premier high jeweller, TASAKI.

The collection, which embodies Japanese aesthetic sense, sensibility and precision craftsmanship, is to be joined by a new series, created in partnership with a manufacturer based in Switzerland, where luxury watchmaking continues to flourish.




The designs from TASAKI’s hallmark “balance” icon jewellery collection has now also been extended to luxury timepieces.

This highly popular series features a row of pearls on a bar as its motif, in a minimal, modern design inspired by a balance ball. This motif of the sharp and clean bar is arranged in the lugs, in harmony with the rounded form of the case, creating its characteristic exquisite form.

The “balance” series features a line-up of strap-type and bracelet-type timepieces for both men and women.

All models feature a self-winding movement developed in partnership with Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, a company renowned even in Switzerland as representing the very finest in manufacture d’horlogerie.



The “Buoy” floating leisurely on the ocean,
proudly presented by the beauty and elegance of TASAKI’s famous mabe pearls in this jewelry watch series.

Opening the diamond and Paraiba tourmaline-adorned cover to reveal the mysteries of the watch beneath, a design made possible by the unique characteristics of the mabe pearl and TASAKI craftsmanship.


The Cove series takes its name from the coves where the finest pearls are found.

The cove-design of the case is adorned with beautiful Akoya pearls, connected with diamonds or sapphire that glitter like ocean waves under the sun, delivering an exquisite, fantastic watch design that sway gently like the tide when worn on the wrist.

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