Notes on counterfeit goods

Notes on counterfeit goods

Dear customer,

We thank you as always for your continued patronage to TASAKI.

We have always taken stringent measures with regards to infringements of intellectual property rights and unfair competition. However, we have unfortunately confirmed that counterfeit goods are currently circulating not only within the domestic market in Japan but also overseas. These counterfeit goods are being handled and sold at stores other than those directly managed by TASAKI or its authorized distributors, as well as on online stores other than those websites directly associated with TASAKI.

Not only are the majority of these counterfeit goods inferior in quality, but also customers who purchase such items are unintentionally in violation of the law.

In particular, we have seen on a number of occasions counterfeit goods similar to the images above in circulation. We would like to stress that should any product in terms of its appearance with the same or similar design be found to be circulating outside of the above sales routes, then these products will be considered to be not genuine.

In order to avoid any unwitting purchase of counterfeit goods we request that purchases of TASAKI products be made from any of our directly managed stores, authorized distributors or from our online shop.

When matters of fact emerge surrounding the manufacture or sale of counterfeit goods, TASAKI will continue to take measures against counterfeiting, including taking strict measures, such as legal action against such counterfeiters. However, we do ask all of our customers to remain vigilant.

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