TASAKI bridal collection celebrates the unity of love.

TASAKI bridal jewellery celebrates the unity of love. TASAKI is the only Japanese high jeweller who selects the finest rough diamonds and polishes the stone to the world’s highest grade. TASAKI’s unrivaled polishing techniques and superb craftsmanship ensures that your special day is filled with eternal brilliance. Offering a varied selection of designs, TASAKI’s bridal collection includes engagement rings and wedding bands, as well as tiaras adorned with breathtaking pearls and diamonds. And SAKURAGOLD™, TASAKI’s unique gold which compliments the iconic Japanese aesthetic. TASAKI’s bridal collection is imbued by Japanese heritage, celebrating the beginning of a bright future.

Engagement rings

Find the ideal engagement ring, which reflects you and your partners eternal commitment.

Wedding bands

TASAKI wedding bands are of the highest quality and celebrate the beginning of a bright future.

Other bridal jewellery


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