‘Iridescent is inspired by the miraculous and beautiful moment created by nature when clouds, drifting near the sun, are coloured yellow, green, and pink, tinting them entirely with colours of the rainbow. Dazzling golden White South Sea pearls form the centrepiece of these soft, gently curved earrings to resemble the sun. Colour stones feature a variety of cuts, including tapered, marquise, square and drop, to create a complex shimmering effect. The design of this festive-looking jewellery is a tribute to nature.

Iridescent Earrings


White Gold / South Sea Pearls (gold) / Sapphires (blue, purple, pink, yellow) / Rubies / Grossularite Garnet

Pricing available on request


The ‘Iridescent’ captures those miraculous moments when the clouds in the sky are tinged in rainbow hues. These earrings feature a large white South Sea pearl with a golden hue that represents the sun. Rainbow coloured stones in a mixture of cuts⁠—marquise, square, teardrop and more⁠—create a glamorous look. This vibrant design is an homage to nature.

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